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Categories - Miscellaneous

Doughnut Wordsearch
cinnamon, baking, powder, nutmeg, butter, sugar, flour, eggs, milk, fat
A word wearch in the shape of a doughnut.

British Mammals
vole, shrew, rabbit, hare, fox, wildcat, badger, otter, stoat, weasel, pine marten, polecat, bat, red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, seal, red squirrel
Native British Mammals

North American Mammals
bison, squirrel, chipmunk, hare, jackrabbit, brown bear, fox, beaver, mink, moose, wolf, ferret, caribou, elk, bat, skunk, seal, rat, weasel, vole, gopher, mouse, lemming, groundhog, rabbit, shrew, lynx, bobcat, coyote, raccoon
Native North American Mammals

Royal Wedding
royal, wedding, Prince, William, Catherine, Middleton, Kate, Windsor, Wales, Harry, Pippa, Lady Louise, Queen, Westminster, Abbey, twenty-ninth, April, procession, carriages, cakes, royal family, presents, charity, guests, memorabilia, engagement

snowflakes, symmetry, faceting, branching, prisms, stellar, dendrites, fernlike, columns, chandeliers, crystals, rosettes, stellar, radiating, scrolls
Types of snowflake

Farm Animals
cow, bull, sow, boar, mare, stallion, ewe, ram, hen, cockerel
Domestic animal pairs

dolly, teddy, ball, bat, bricks, train set, skates, skipping rope, dolls' house, yo yo

Baby farm animals
kittens, puppies, piglets, lambs, calves, foals, kids, chickens, gosling, ducklings

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Months of the year

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